The Global Ambassador Program (GAP) is a comprehensive global education initiative that empowers students to become competitive educationally through leadership development, cultural competence and international community service by giving students the opportunity to interact with their peers from around the globe via video conference. In an ever globalizing economic world, the earlier the exposure in a young person’s life to the world around them the greater their advantage. GAP gives students the competitive edge in becoming 21st century global citizens.


 Goals of GAP 
Though oceans may separate us, technology bring us closer. Our world is rich in cultural diversity and it only makes sense to prepare this generation with the tools to compete in a universal marketplace. Telepresence opens a door to multi-cultural diversity without leaving the classroom. Students will experience the various practices and traditions of their international peers tearing down the walls of misconception and misinformation.Global Ambassador Program (GAP)is providing these valuable tools that not only benefit our emerging leaders but the exponential number of individuals and communities they are interacting with via our program.

The boost in self-efficacy is arguably one of the greatest benefits gained from our program. Students develop a sense of self which allows them to gauge their own competence and build their confidence. This can-do attitude is what helps students perform better not only in school but in real life as well. They continuously grow and become more efficient in dealing with day-to-day decision-making and gain confidence that they can make an impact on peers thousands of miles away.

Engaging in community service anywhere instills a sense of “giving back” to the individual. However, international community service can be truly meaningful in this area. Students will learn about issues and challenges that their peers face that may be similar or different than theirs and give each other the opportunity to lend a hand outside of their country. International community service has just as great of an effect on the participant as it does on the community that is being helped. Through international community service, children are fed, clothed, and taught. Schools and libraries are built, educational tools are supplied, and so much more.

Through our Global Ambassador Program (GAP), we empower students to take charge of their educational experiences, enlighten students that they can have an impact on a global scale, while assisting in their preparation for college and the workforce. 

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