Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Education is changing very rapidly, and keeping pace with the evolving technology of the day are teaching practices. As the world shrinks and becomes one big united village, our video conferencing programs have made its way into the classroom, and they have proven to have innumerable benefits. Some of the more notable advantages of our video conferencing programs to students are as follows.

First, with our programs, the classroom has become geographically limitless. No longer do students have to feel confined to their rooms, schools, or even to their countries. Through our award-winning program, they can reap the benefits of wisdom from all over the world. As an example, field trips are a thing of the past. There is no need for expensive travel. In the classroom itself, students can interact with researchers, other students, and tour places and facilities at the click of a button. The learning is endless!

Second, boring classroom lectures have been given a new lease of life. It is one thing for a teacher to explain a telescope, and quite another, to have his or her class look at an actual example being demonstrated by an astrologist from his laboratory, via our video conferencing program. Its simple, and amazingly entertaining too!

Third, because students are active participants in our video conference programs, they acquire the ability to construct presentations. There is a certain level of pre-knowledge needed to gain the most from our video conference interactions. This necessitates students to research in the library, online, etc. and organize the information in an orderly flow. As a result, they learn for themselves how to develop a presentation, and the value of quality research.

Fourth, while actually participating in our video conference session, students need to articulate their thoughts and communicate clearly and effectively. It is only when there is a two-way sharing that a video conference is successful. With our directors teaching and guiding the studnets through this process, they develop an inherent flair for public speaking. More importantly, they lose their inhibitions and grow into confident individuals, fully capable of putting across their points forthrightly.

It’s a more fascinating and advantageous world when experienced through our video conferencing programs, and our program benefits to students are far reaching and tremendous!

​Griot Storytelling

​Griots are storytellers in western Africa who perpetuate the tradition and history of their people orally. It is a creative way of teaching students about their history and the history of the world around them. While hearing stories from a "LIVE" griot in Africa, the students will learn how these storytellers incorporate music, dance, etc. to make their stories more entertaining. In this session, students will not only be entertained by an African griot storyteller but will be encouraged and asked to write and recite a story about their family, their personal history and their life story. Remember, history happens every day.

​African Music

Oiada International would like to take a trip through time to experience the history of music via theatrical performance, skits and live interaction with students. Music is an international form of communication that can be understood and expressed beyond the limitations of language. In some African and Asian cultures, there is no word associated with the word “music” because it is so closely integrated with the daily living of people!

Our goal is to teach students to learn and appreciate their culture and cultures around the world as a central part of their curriculum. The sharing of music from different cultures provides for a very rewarding cultural exchange experience.
​Are you interested in a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with students from Africa for a “LIVE” Face to Face interaction? If yes, then here’s your ticket to take a trip aboard Oiada Flight 777, destination… Ghana, Africa. Our trips include highly interactive and engaging lessons, classroom to classroom connections, and content expert interviews. Our trips are interactive with a great focus on student learning. By having a headquarters in Ghana, Africa, we provide a unique opportunity to students to interact with students and teachers who are in Africa! Through “LIVE” face to face educational and cultural exchanges, students become excited about learning. We are looking for schools all around the world to collaborate in an initial session with students in Ghana.

​Field Trip to Africa

International Show and Tell

Students will share and discuss objects (e.g. food, clothing, games) from their home country with students in Ghana. Likewise, students in Ghana will share and discuss objects from their country. Students will gain an appreciation for cultural differences and for the unique features of their own culture.

Tour of Slave Dungeon

Experience what life was like inside the dungeon of the Cape Coast Castle. See the cramped and grotesque conditions the enslaved Africans were forced to endure before being loaded onto ships destined for the western world .Hear the stories of the horrors of what they experienced during months and years in these dungeons from some of the descendents of the enslaved Ghanaians. You will be able to ask questions during our program as learn about the Cape Coast Dungeons.
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